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The drain plug is installed to the bottom or the side of the engine oil pain. If it is not, you may need to take it to the mechanic to repair damaged threads using special tools. Inspect the drain plug O-ring for signs of wear or damage and replace if … Be sure you find instructions online or in your owner’s manual to make sure you do it correctly specific to the type of motorcycle you have. 450F Oil leak from drain plug. How to install an oversized drain plug. Jump to Latest Follow ... not so much a crush gasket as a "leak gasket." Regular oil changes will prevent that from happening. Oil drain plug leak. Gaskets are the same way. I mean, you probably got your motorcycle for this very reason. Sometimes motorcyclists can scrape the bottom of their motorcycle on a curb or speed bump which can harm that drain plug. Oil drain plugs leak when they are not tight. RTV is a gasket sealer and provides triple protection on your engine and will less likely result in oil leaks later on. being made of a special kind of oil resistant rubber, it will swell approximately 10 - 20 % in the presence of oil. I just had a helicoil installed on my oil drain pan for my 09 SV650 because I’m a idiot and stripped it out last week. I have owned over a dozen motorcycles and experienced many oil leaks with most of them. Leave a clean oil pan under the drain plug overnight to be certain that the leak is resolved. Remove the filler cap to the motor and duct tape or have someone hold the hose over the fill hole and then you can take the plug out and not lose a drop. The thing is that, I got the engine oil changed couple of days back, by a nearby mechanic. - I like to use the copper washers from the rocker boxes on the oil tank drain plugs. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. Remove the center part of the plug and set aside. People don’t realize that leaving a motorcycle dormant for long periods of time can have a negative impact on gaskets. There may be some oil pooled up somewhere but will drain off or become unnoticeable after the motorcycle has cooled off, leaving you none the wiser about any oil leak issues. Motorcycle engine oil leaks can be a bit scary and mysterious because the underlying problem could be multiple things. Home Forums > PNW Riders > Mechanical & Technical > Oil Drain plug leak Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by weasel5000, Apr 18, 2006. This is something that can be done in a matter of fifteen minutes in the comfort of your garage. I’m currently working as a mechanical engineer and I’ve been able to restore over a dozen rides. This will take a little bit of time, but the leak will quickly manifest it’s exact location on the engine by soaking through the paper towel. Even so, the drain plug leaks a bit especially when the bike it … Here is My Experience. You’re not alone if you’re frustrated with your motorcycle leak. The first and best thing you can do to prevent motorcycle oil leaks is to regularly ride your motorcycle. ... Don’t ever use a standard bolt in place of a drain plug, that is a receipt for a disaster. Remove any debris or metal salt from the drain plug magnet. It … The second main reason why motorcycles leak oil is because of faulty oil plugs. Next oil change, make sure the surfaces are clean. This site is owned and operated by Cannon Entities LLC. all has been good except a hopefully minor issue. I noticed that there was an oil leak from the oil drain plug under the bike. Through my experience and my knowledge as an engineer, I can clearly explain how the leaks happen and how to stop/prevent them from happening in the future. The most common places a motorcycle leaks gas are the fuel petcock, the carburetor, holes in the gas tank, and the fuel injector. The first reason would be faulty gaskets found on the oil pan, valve cover, crankcase, or the cylinder head of the engine. You may have found yourself with an oil leak on your motorcycle and wonder if you’re going to have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it. The main reason oil plugs leak is because they aren’t on tight enough. The plug goes in and stays but it doesnt suck up tight so it leaks like a sieve. Keeping in old oil with potential corrosive elements inside isn’t good for your engine and it isn’t good for the gaskets either. A lot of places say that all you need to do to fix an oil leak it to use oil with certain additives. If you don’t know where the leak is coming from, first try placing a piece of cardboard directly underneath your motorcycle. The oil blew everywhere while riding, making the source difficult to find. One way to save the fresh oil you just put in is to use a shopvac. PNW Riders - The Motorcycle Community for the Pacific Northwest. Inspecting it right after a long ride will get you to notice those leaks and address them much sooner than you would with the later obvious signs. To make a long story short, it's been sitting in various garages and sheds for a lot of it's life, and I … My mechanical experience is mainly with cars, but I have found that sometimes the source of leaks can be deceptive. Hoses and tubes: Oil can be channeled through various hoses and tubes, depending on your model and design of motorcycle, and leaks can start at the different connection points. If the plug appears loose, unscrew it … Luckily, most oil leak issues can be fixed by anyone who is willing to learn that have a few basic tools. "Swish" it around slowly to try to get all the … Cannon Entities LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Screw the oil pan drain plug into place. With the constant pressure on them, oil is pushed out of the weak spots on the gaskets which causes a leak. This is my 1979 Harley Davidson Sportster, it's not quite a harley davidson museum piece, but it's bought and paid for. There are also usually plugs on the valve cover so owners or mechanics can easily adjust the valve lap. ... clean the drain hole so its free of oil then apply a film of liquid metal on the side wall of the drain hole then screw drain plug in but first put grease on the threads of the drain plug. But the more you use it, the longer it lasts. Could it be possible that the leak is coming from elsewhere? hey guys. Someone posted awhile back they had a leak where the wire for the rectifier goes through the case Yep, the rubber plug/seal where the stator harness exits the primary, next to the oil filter, was leaking. What will happen if I continue to ride my motorcycle with an oil leak? As I had mentioned before, when the gaskets inside the engine are being “exercised” and used, they last much longer. Or worse if they cross threaded the plug putting it into the car. Be careful not to over-tighten; you … The first main reason why motorcycles leak oil is because of faulty gaskets on the engine. It doesn’t matter if you ride the street or the dirt, a sportbike or a cruiser, a super-motard or strictly race on the track - all motorcycle riders are welcome! Though most oil has additives in it to prevent it from becoming acidic, those additives dissipate over time and the oil does become acidic. When a motorcycle is used regularly, the gaskets are heated up and expanded. The oil drain plug is an obvious culprit to oil leaks. Apr 18, 2006 #1 . We work hard to bring the best hunting forums Maine has to offer! While leaks happen, there are several things you can do to prevent them from happening or to keep them from getting worse. For valve cover gaskets, you just need to remove a few bolts and you may have to remove your gas tank (which is also pretty simple). Recently helicoil(ed) oil drain plug leaking. So why is my motorcycle leaking oil? A coolant leak can also be caused by punctured fins in the radiator, a weeping water pump, and pressure on the radiator cap from an overheating engine. The cylinder head gasket is one gasket I recommend you do not fix yourself. This requires that the top part of your engine is taken apart which will expose the pistons and other vital parts of the engine that an inexperienced owner should not be handling. The most common plugs that leak is the oil drain plug on the bottom of the oil drain pan, side crankcase plugs, and the valve cover plug. Your right that the self tapping plugs are bad business bacause they can cut too many grooves after a while and be useless, but this drain plug I have has a threads throught the center of the plug in which another plug is secured. It is inevitable for gaskets to, at some point, shrink and crack and become less effective at their job. Oil drain plugs are pretty easy to fix. Many times there are plugs on the side of the crankcase to check the timing, clutch, stator, or other things. The most common plugs that leak is the oil drain plug on the bottom of the oil drain pan, side crankcase plugs, and the valve cover plug. If your project is incomplete without Motorcycle Oil Pans, Dipsticks & Drain Plugs , look no further. I’ll use the picture above as a better visual reference. While looking at the instructions of how to replace the gaskets, some of the instructions will recommend you also use RTV on one or both sides of the gaskets. i noticed drips of oil on the concrete in the shed then had a look and also noticed a little bit of oil around the drain bolt washer and a little spread of it on the engine case just slightly below where the … i noticed drips of oil on the concrete in the shed then had a look and also noticed a little bit of oil around the drain bolt washer and a little spread of it on the engine case just slightly below where the … That’s simple enough, right? Oil leaks are somewhat common among motorcycles. Filled the primary...no leaks for over a day. ). Motorcycle Drain Plug Leak? Sometimes motorcyclists can scrape the bottom of their motorcycle on a curb or speed bump which can harm that drain plug. How to fix a leaking oil drain plug in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Though motorcycles are simpler machines, there are a few things about them that can leave us owners scratching our heads. So I had a dealership do it because I didn’t feel comfortable installing one myself. Does A Motorcycle Alarm Drain The Battery? It’s embarrassing parking a leaking motorcycle in a public place only to find that there’s a nice little puddle underneath it. bubba, the self-tapping drain plug that I've got is totally different then just a plug. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies, link to Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle? Check your owner’s manual or research online to make sure you purchase the right plugs. Drove about 10 miles today, and after stopping, noticed that the leak had started again...lost about half the oil. Here is My Experience, link to Does A Motorcycle Alarm Drain The Battery?

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